The Success of Friends

by bonnie on July 1, 2013

IMG_0897Congratulations to David and Lily Duckler on the opening of the new Verdant Tea House!

I’ve been saving this tea for a special occasion.

Could any day be as special as this day? A dream come true and one that has been full of hard work (and frustration at times)!

This was the right time for tasting but I couldn’t keep such a special tea all to myself. This was the Duckler’s Wedding Tea and they shared it with others on an even greater, more special day. (Some of the Wedding Beeng was saved the for annual Anniversary celebrations, which I think is very romantic!)

I decided to take my packet of tea to share at Happy Lucky’s Tea House. (For anyone who is new, this is my local tea pub in Fort Collins, and I take tea to them and share. They drink my tea and I drink theirs!)

I arrived early enough for the shop to be pretty quiet. Preston set up a gongfu tray for shop owner George, manager Andy and the rest of the staff to enjoy many steepings of tea.

Because the shape of the tea leaves is somewhat like wheat, the flavor opens up quickly when exposed to water.

One short rinse, and the first pour was smoky with a smooth texture and sweet hay like aroma.

The second pour was more developed and sweeter. Andy said the tea reminded him of an olive tree that had been cut down by his house and how the wood smelled sweet when it burned (although I didn’t taste or smell smokiness any longer).

I sat at the tea bar, thinking about Lily and David’s wedding day and how this tea fit into their plans. Many guests being served the tea outdoors, the scent of flowers in the air and much joy. A beautiful bride.

Everything fit. The tea, the scene…all blended with elegance.

The sweet, buttery tea would weave a silky thread uniting everyone in joyous celebration, lifting the spirit.

Eric commented that he had tasted a young Yabao before but he wasn’t fond of it. This aged Yabao however, was “really special”! (All agreed!)

Excellent tea to celebrate an excellent friendship on a special occasion. What an honor!

To have dear friends who care so much for others is a great treasure.

I lift my cup with my friends to David and Lily, and all the people at Verdant Tea House!

מזל ט 我 祝 你 好运!

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Shawn Schulte September 10, 2013 at 1:19 pm

I didn’t even realize David was married until a ‘comment’ on one of my posts promoting Verdant Tea on Tea Around Town, gave me a first glimpse of his lovely wife. To see that you were there and had a chance to be a part of this is so wonderful and I hope you had an amazing time watching these two passionate and vibrant people start their lives together. I miss you prose, so I will try and stay up on your blog and keep in contact.
All the best,


bonnie September 10, 2013 at 8:06 pm

Hi Shawn! Sounds like your injury has healed! I wasn’t at the wedding but they sent me a sample of the wedding tea that I saved for a special occasion to drink and write about.
The occasion to best honor them was the opening of their Tea House. So, I took a photo of the tea with a gold shawl and my grandmother’s 75 year old European crystal perfume bottle stopper
as the background (it looks like bubbles…ala champagne and celebrations). I’ve never met the Ducklers, but we’ve talked by phone and Skyped.
Tea is no respecter of age. It’s one of the few places where old and young come together gracefully.

I’ll ask Lily about adding a way to follow on the blog since my brain doesn’t figure out directions easily.

Nice to hear from you and thanks for your kind thoughts.



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