1000 Year Storm

by bonnie on September 19, 2013


The 1000 Year Storm!

That’s what they’re calling the rain and flooding  in Colorado.  I’ve been fortunate, again, to be on the edge of disaster but not a victim of it.

Last year, I could see the flames from the High Park Fire in the hills right at the end of my block. This year, huge Chanook Helecopters have been going back and forth frequently for the past 4 days… loud and low over my home as they pick up people up who are stranded…still cut off by the floods.

A staging area for rescue choppers and responders is around the corner.

This is a reminder of how blessed I am, and how horrible for others. Sleep has been elusive and restless beginning with the dozens of alerts and alarms then closures and rescues.

This morning, the helicopters were quiet until 9:30 am due to thunderstorms, and I finally slept until the jolt of a big Chanook whirring overhead. This hurt my migraine prone head. I went straight to the kitchen to brew my version of  ‘chicken soup ‘, Laoshan Black Tea.

Most tea drinkers have a go-to favorite that makes them feel better when they’re sick or stressed. I’m no exception and Laoshan Black is my favorite go-to tea. I put it in my own puerh blend creation and add LB to herbals especially ginger or spice blends.

This morning, my ‘chicken soup’, Laoshan Black, did what it always does for me by soothing  tension and giving me the rich chocolate, barley flavor I love! I’m never disappointed.

Colorado is stunningly beautiful! I made a small photo show with a few pictures of sky and some music composed by my granddaughter Megan, who is in High School. I wanted to share how I’ve felt during this 1000 year storm.

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Jim John Marks September 20, 2013 at 2:06 pm

It is always good to be reminded of God’s blessings to us, to be grateful. WIthout this gratitude, we can’t really offer empathetic prayers for those who are suffering, we can only have sympathy — not nearly as useful.

The photos are stunning. I need to get back to Colorado “soon” and re-visit some of the spots I fell in love with (Durango, Cortez, Pagosa Springs, Arvada…) during my long, winding drive through… but maybe I’ll wait for it to dry out a bit.

Your grand daughter’s composition is a powerful piece and fits the photos nicely. Is piano her instrument of choice for composing at the moment or did that simply happen to be what fit this piece?

What do you put in your blend with the laoshan black?

I have a blend I like to make with loose shou, yunnan golden and lapsang.


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